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Lomi Lomi Level One January 2018

Saturday, January 13 @ 10:00 am - Sunday, January 14 @ 6:00 pm

Buy Now Lomi Lomi nui massage uses long flowing massage strokes with the forearms, elbows and hands, combined with loving intention and focus on the breath to bring about a truly relaxing experience.

This is the first of three levels to become a lomi lomi practitioner. In level 1 we will be learning the basic lomi techniques for the back of the body. We will also be touching on the history of lomi lomi and hawaiian philosophy.

This workshop is welcome to total beginners and experienced bodyworkers alike.

€180 for this 2 day workshop

Early bird €160 (available up to 3 weeks before course commences)

For more information about the course please email

Please note that in order to become a lomi lomi practitioner at level 3 you will have to complete a diploma in A&P (anatomy and physiology) and another massage therapy e.g. holistic massage