Sacred Sessions


Please not that these sessions have been suspended for the time being due to Covid 19

These Lomi Lomi sessions are designed to allow a sacred space for you to heal and transform. Each sacred session will be prepared in advance by the therapist to tailor to the your needs.

This space is created to allow for freedom of expression and allow for healing; physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and even ancestrally.

Before the massage the therapist will hold a coversation about how you are feeling on a day to day basis and to see if there are any emotional or mental blockages or any of life’s ‘road blocks’. This is a time devoted to the client being able to ‘open up’ and express any thoughts or emotions and to bring awareness to any areas of stress or tension in the body. During this time there can sometimes be some gentle breath work or meditation. This also allows the mind and body to be prepared for the lomi lomi bodywork.

The massage itself is completely inuitive, using rhythmic body strokes reminiscent of the ebb and flow of oceanic tides. The bodywork aids you to reconnect with the soul by allowing the ego to take a step back so that the higherself can be brought forth to provide healing and guidance. It can help clear negative thought patterns and heal old wounds.

The massage uses a variety of different techniques and pressures that will vary throughout the treatment. There is also NO TIME LIMIT as such to this massage. When the therapist feels that the healing is complete the massage will gently be brought to an end. For this reason we ask you to allow four hours for this session.

After the massage the therapist will discuss with you some information about any findings during the treatment. This could be simply the areas that need more attention or awarness in the body, it could be energetic or emotional blockages or it could be a more spiritual discussion.

This time also allows for the treatment to ‘sink in’ and provides a space for transition between the transformational bodywork and going back into the ‘big, bad world’.

Often there can be significant emotional release during these sessions and the effects can sometimes last a few days. We recommend that you clear your schedule for the whole day when you are getting your sacred session.

Time: Between 2-4 hours

Cost €230

These treaments are limited to one per month, to book please contact a month in advance as I have to alocate a venue and time,